Monday, May 16, 2016

A Little Life Update!

Hey Guys! How are you all doing?
Life has been a bit crazy recently, hence why the blogs never carried on! But I'm here now, with a little life update to fill you in on all the gossip! Although...I'm pretty sure if you are here you have seen everything on my YouTube Channel, but I'll fill you guys in anyhow.

So you are looking at a 20 weeks pregnant lady in this photo! That's right, as I'm sure you now know I am pregnant, I hope you will forgive me for my quiet absence on here, hopefully that's a good enough excuse! We found out that we are having a baby girl and we are SO thrilled! It really is so exciting to be looking through girls things in the shops, I NEVER thought I would see the day. I honestly would of been thrilled either way, little dungarees and braces for baby boys are to die for too!

I feel incredibly lucky to be in the position I am now, it has been really hard work on Slimming World to get the five stone off for this miracle to happen, but I will be forever thankful to the plan as I firmly believe this would not of happened without it with having PCOS. I'm currently dipping in and out of Slimming World as I feel different day to day and I just have to go with my body. I know I will put weight on, but I am growing a teeny tiny human, and that's most important, so I'm eating a balanced diet as much as possible and I can worry about the weight once our little lady is here.

This was my 18 week scan, where 13 of our family members attended the gender reveal! It was an amazing day we will never forget. We have just had our 20 week scan with the NHS today, and all seemed well but the little buggerlugs was all curled up in an awkward position so the Sonographer could not get a good view of her heart. It is all beating fine and we got a cross section of the four chambers but the vessels in and out which she has to check were just impossible to get a view of. We have now got another scan in a couple of weeks to clarify these, hopefully she will comply but with the four chambers being well it's a good sign all is well. I must say though I will be fully relieved once everything is checked, you can't help but have it at the back of your mind!

She has had a name since many moons ago, before we even found out we were expecting. I left the guessing open on YouTube for you lovely lot to have a go, and we have had some lovely guesses! Have any of you got it right though? We shall soon see! Some have said well what if you change your mind, or she doesn't suit that name? Well, we don't have a back up so it definitely won't be changing, and we have many reasons behind it which I will explain in the reveal video. Exciting!

Well, I have waffled on long enough, I am currently daily Vlogging the month of May over on my Youtube Channel which you can click through to here. 
Take care guys, and I'll catch you over here later on in the week!
Love, Tilly x

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