Saturday, August 1, 2015

Top 5 Fragrances Under £20

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1. Rosie For Autograph - Marks and Spencer
30ml for £14, Fresh, Floral and Rose Based. I don't own this but every time I head to M&S I always end up wanting it! Great price for a lovely bottle and fragrance.

2. Britney Spears Twist -
1 x 15ml Fantasy & 1 x 15ml Midnight Fantasy for £12.75. Floral, Fruity and Supersweet. I'm not always a lover of celebrity fragrances, but this is my favourite by far, and two for one!

3. Vera Wang LoveStruck - B&M Bargains
30ml for a NEW LOWER price of £12.99! I am a huge lover of this perfume! Another sweet scent (there's a theme here) I think £12.99 for this is an absolute bargain. A beautiful bottle, Floral notes with Vanilla and Musk, a great gift too!

4. Agent Provocateur - Asda
50ml for £20! I remember having this as a gift from my Husband when we were younger. A classic, grown up, seductive fragrance that lasts. A Beauty.

5. Vera Wang Princess - Asda
30ml for £20. Fruity, Floral and Sexy, a gorgeous playful scent with a beautiful bottle. Gorgeous for any princess, including yourself ;)

Love, Tilly x

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