Thursday, July 23, 2015

Slimming World Q & A Part 1!

I thought I would share with you my latest YouTube video! I am currently on a Slimming World journey of weight loss, and am nearing a three stone loss in just 14 to 15 weeks! So along the way I have became in touch with some lovely followers on Instagram and YouTube, who asked me plenty of Q's which I have A'd in this video. Maybe if you are on a similar journey or are about to embark on one, it may be a little bit of use to you. Sorry it's a long'un. Enjoy! 

Love, Tilly x

Monday, July 20, 2015

My 25th Birthday

I thought I would share with you a few snaps I took from our twenty four hours in London. It was such a special day I loved every minute and don't regret the food we ate one bit with regards to Slimming World. It was just too nice to even think about it!

If you ever get the chance to go to Duck & Waffle at the top of Heron Tower, do it! It's more than just a meal out, it's a total experience, with a quirky menu, fantastic flavours and a spectacular view.
We popped to Harrods and had a few Macaroons at Laduree, and got a cheeky freebie as they messed up our order!
To finish off the day we went to a Lebanese in Mayfair called Al Sultan. It was beautiful lebanese food in a beautiful setting. 
I just absolutely love London!

Have you been? Can you recommend anywhere in London?

Love, Tilly x

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Intro... Wear & Share #1

Hello you lovely lot!
A quick little intro for you all, I'm Tilly, 25, Married and based on the outskirts of Birmingham.
I have a YouTube channel and you can find that by clicking HERE!
There is such a lovely little community over there, although I may have a small amount of subscribers in comparison to many of the larger YouTubers, I value every single one and always try to reply to your lovely comments where possible. Interacting with you is really important to me, otherwise there isn't much point in doing it!

So what do I cover? Of course I am a lover of fashion and beauty, as many YouTubers are, but I want to let my channel take it's course naturally. I am currently on a Slimming World Journey and as it stands have lost 2.5 stone in weight, so I put up a video about how I've got on that week after weigh in on a Monday. Recipes, help and advice go along with these videos, so if you need a boost they may be relatable to you! We are all in it together. 

Being a curvy lady myself, I like to show you outfits to compliment body shapes, find you a bargain and mainly enhance your confidence of body and mind. I'm a Primark Junkie, a make up lover and dog lover. Did I mention we are picking up our two new Puppies next week? You will see them all over here and there I've no doubt!

So these particular posts are going to be called Wear and Share's, and they do exactly what they say on the tin. I will share with you my outfits no matter what my size and body shape, it's all about embracing your figure and working with what your Mama gave you!

Wear & Share Number 1 - Birthday In London
Dress - £2 (YES £2!) - George at ASDA
Nude Wedges - £8 - George at ASDA
Sunglasses - £7 - DIOR at TK MAXX Sale
Necklace - £48 - Glitzy Secrets
Earrings - £30 - Glitzy Secrets

So here's to many more Blogs and Vlogs, you can follow me via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin', and I am also a member of the Blogger Programme. It's all work in progress so let me know what you think, I hope you are all well!

Love, Tilly x